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Joaquin Amenabar in Sacramento!

Teaching Musicality in Tango! 

Widely celebrated as a "modern master of the bandoneón," Joaquín Amenábar is a multi-faceted and supremely talented "Renaissance Man of Tango" — performer, orchestra leader, composer, arranger, music professor, writer, historian, lecturer, instrument tuner and technician.

Perhaps even more significant for us is Joaquín's own background as an active social tango dancer — an interest that has blended with his own deep knowledge of musical performance, history and composition, leading him to investigate a number of challenges that many of us face as tango dancers:

  • If we do not have the benefit of formal music training then ...

  • How can we as tango dancers take in, process and respond to the many layers, subtleties + nuances of tango music ...

  • In ways that help us create, discover + explore our own unique dance more effectively ...

  • And then share it with each other as we improvise together on the social dance floor ...?


The result is Joaquín's unique and highly innovative program on Musicality for Tango Dancers ...

In development for more than ten years, Joaquín has presented his celebrated Musicality Workshops world wide since 2009.

Sunday, July 15, 1:00-2:30 p.m.
"Tango melody: the main element in tango dance."

What does it means in tango to dance the melody? How is the system of the melody as a dance element?

What is the difference between dancing the melody and the basic four beats rhythm?

How does that affect the dance of the follower?


Sunday, July 15, 3:00-4:30 p.m.
"Milonga: Differences between tango and milonga."

Rhythmical units of milonga. Difference between double time and traspié. Placing correctly each one of these units in the milonga.

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More on Joaquin's Musicality Workshops:

  • Appropriate for all levels of dancers. By design, the Workshops are fully accessible to beginners and newcomers ... while at the same time, they are challenging and informative to more experienced dancers.

  • Aimed at dancers. The Workshops are not "lectures" on music theory or history — we will be on our feet and moving most of the time.

  • No partner required. The primary emphasis will be on individual work — moving in time with particular sounds, aspects, elements, and features of the music.

  • No special training or background in music is necessary. The Workshops are "non-theoretical" — Joaquín uses common everyday language, clear metaphors, and unique visual aids to enhance our investigations.

  • Both "live" and recorded Tango music. In addition to narrating our guided listening and movement to "Golden Age" classics, Joaquín will play live on his bandoneón to help illustrate and highlight key features of the music.

  • No "steps" or patterns. The concepts, processes and examples explored are universally applicable in all Tango situations that we encounter as both Leaders and Followers — useful for everything from "simple" walking and turns ... to the most intricate and complex combinations that we might create on the improvised social dance floor.

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