Advanced Tango Classes

Advanced Tango Classes

Thursdays, 7:00-8:30 pm

The Thursday night advanced tango class changes every month focusing on dancing in a close embrace, technique, musicality, and steps appropriate to the social dance. To be able to attend our Advanced Tango class, you must be able to lead or follow the 8-count basic, forward & backward ochos, and right-hand and left-hand turns (giros & molinettes). Usually this requires that you have attended a minimum of three months of the Beginning & Intermediate tango classes before you are ready for the Thursday night classes. If you're unsure, ask Donna!


Cost is $50 for the month (normally a four-week series starting on the first Thursday of each month). When you sign up for the advanced tango classes, we invite you to take the beginning AND intermediate tango classes for free (as even experienced dancers can work on their fundamental technique). Drop-in fee for one night is $15 (includes practica). Classes are for the month paid only; missed tango classes cannot be "forwarded" to other months.

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    7:00-8:30 pm every Thursday. Series starts on the first Thursday of every month (unless otherwise noted) and runs for 4 consecutive weeks.
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