Intermediate Tango Classes

Intermediate Tango Classes

Tuesdays, 7:30-8:30 pm


The intermediate tango class on Tuesday nights builds on the material learned in the beginning class, adding backward ochos, giros (turns), and occasionally barridas (sweeps) and sacadas (invasions). In all classes we focus on technique, connection with your partner, musicality, and how to navigate in a social dance (milonga).


Cost is $50 for the month (normally a four-week series starting on the first Tuesday of each month). When you sign up for the intermediate tango classes, we invite you to take the beginning tango classes for free so that you can continue to refine your fundamentals. Drop-in fee for one night is $15 (includes practica following class).


Classes are for the month paid only; missed tango classes cannot be "forwarded" to other months.

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    7:30-8:30 pm every Tuesday. Series starts on the first Tuesday of every month (unless otherwise noted) and runs for 4 consecutive weeks.
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