Argentine Tango Classes in Sacramento

October 16, 2021 Covid Update:

Although California has reopened, the mask mandate has been reinstated. We believe that your personal health history is your own private business; therefore, Tango by the River will not require proof of vaccination. Instead, students will self-attest that they are in compliance prior to entering.

Beginning Tango

Our Beginning Tango Classes are held on Mondays from 6:30-7:30 pm, followed by a half-hour practica. This series of classes is designed for those who are new to tango. Learn the fundamentals of Argentine Tango: the elements of the tango embrace and posture, and moving with a partner in simple steps, focusing on musicality and connection. Cost is $50 per person for the month or $90 per couple; drop-in cost is $15 per person per class. Click here to sign up now and ensure your space in class!

Intermediate/Advanced Tango

We are delighted to announce that beginning October 21, 2021, we have Julia Gorin and Jonatan Baez teaching our Intermediate/Advanced Tango Classes on Thursdays from 6:30-7:45 pm, followed by a half hour practica. These classes are for those who are at an intermediate or above level. Click here for more information!


Tango is so much more than some moves or steps. Tango is connection: connection with your partner, with the music, with the floor itself, and with the other dancers on the floor. In this rather sterile world we live in (where an accidental touch often results in an apology), Tango connects us. At Tango by the River, we delight in this connection. We dance and teach close embrace tango ... and we invite you to step in, get close, and get connected. We invite you to Tango ...

Impromptu tango demonstration before class with

Donna Tielsch and George Cassell at Tango by the River ~ July 9, 2019

Dancing tango to alternative music "Legendary" by Welshey Arms

Note: Impromptu tango demonstrations are not choreographed; everything is improvised.