Argentine Tango Classes in Sacramento

March 3, 2021 Update: Tango by the River remains closed due to Covid-19. We are hoping to be allowed to resume teaching group classes soon. Presently, we are only teaching private lessons.


Tango is so much more than some moves or steps. Tango is connection: connection with your partner, with the music, with the floor itself, and with the other dancers on the floor. In this rather sterile world we live in (where an accidental touch often results in an apology), Tango connects us. At Tango by the River, we delight in this connection. We dance and teach close embrace tango ... and we invite you to step in, get close, and get connected. We invite you to Tango ...

Impromptu tango demonstration before class with

Donna Tielsch and George Cassell at Tango by the River ~ July 9, 2019

Dancing tango to alternative music "Legendary" by Welshey Arms

Note: Impromptu tango demonstrations are not choreographed; everything is improvised. 

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