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Private Lessons

For those new to the tango, private lessons can be an excellent way to get comfortable with the fundamentals of tango before you join a group lesson or begin dancing tango socially. For those with a little more tango experience, private lessons can be an excellent way to work on specific problem areas or to make sure that bad habits are recognized and stopped before they become ingrained. And for those more intermediate/advanced dancers, private lessons can be an excellent way to further refine your tango and develop your performance skills. Private lessons are also an excellent way to create a wedding choreography -- tango is the dance of love, after all, so it is the perfect dance for your wedding dance!


Private lessons run for one hour. We charge per lesson, per hour, and have only three rules:

  1. Cancellations must be made with at least 24 hours notice. If you cancel the day of your lesson, you are responsible for a $25 cancellation fee (this includes the rental fee of the studio). You never pay for the studio rental that is included with your lesson except in the case of a cancellation with less than 24 hours notice.

  2. Every minute you are late cuts into your hour of private instruction. Your hour begins at the time that it is scheduled, not at the time you arrive. So don't be late!!!

  3. Payments for private lessons must be made in advance of class (either online, below, or over the phone with a credit card). Private lesson appointments will not be made without pre-payment; the only exception to this is if you have made prior arrangements with the instructor.

For one person or a couple, the private lesson cost is $100 an hour or you may purchase a package of 10 private tango classes for $850, a $150 savings. Call Donna at 916 443-7008 to schedule private lessons or e-mail her by clicking here.

Bio of Donna Tielsch
Studio Owner & Instructor

Donna opened Tango by the River in Old Sacramento on April 7, 2000. She has danced tango all across the United States as well as in London, Paris, Prague, Montreal, and, of course, Buenos Aires. “What I love so much about tango is how it connects us all together. We live in a rather sterile world with boundaries everywhere — from fences around our yards to cubicle walls that separate us from people, experience, life. But tango let’s us get close. Close and connected . . . . When the rest of the world slips away and it’s just me and my partner moving in synchronicity with each other and with the music—that’s tango. And that’s why I started dancing this dance. Well, that and the great shoes!” Now, countless hours of tango later, she enjoys helping people discover the beauty and joy of tango at Tango by the River. Join her in group tango classes on Monday and Thursday nights -- or in private lessons by appointment.

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