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From Lynn H., (November 2015)

"I can NOT express how grateful I am to have met you and to be so f****g lucky to learn tango from you. Your style epitomizes the perfect balance between traditional salon-style and Nuevo flair.  Your instructions are so concise, with the perfect balance in your classes between words and action. You intervene just enough (again, that crazy "balance" thing) to correct your  students' flailing, but not crush anyone's fragile self-esteem.  I would have to give you an A+.  ++++++ But wait! I am not finished complimenting you just yet! Here comes the big finale! Last weekend, ************ did a workshop in *********, and all of my friends were asking me if I was coming home to participate. I had to work, so no........BUT! I was thinking the whole time, I have done workshops with *********** (love her!) but have now graduated to Donna.  Your emphasis on technique and pretty "lines" is THE BOMB.  It's like I won the tango lottery by finding you and having the lovely universe keep me in Sac. Eeeeeeeeeeee!

Anyhoo again, sitting here waiting to pick up the keys to the beach condo, my gratitude turned to these thoughts of you. You probably have heard one million compliments, but here's your one million and oneth ( it's a brand new word).

Happy Thanksgiving to my beautiful, brilliant and KIND mentor.  You are a cyborg, right?"



From Joaquin F., Sacramento (June 2015)

"Donna, thanks for an exceptionally great tango class last night. Your emphasis on connection and passion and taking your damned time (!!!!) were just what I needed to hear. I felt like I had a breakthrough dancing with XX and, more importantly, with some of the other followers I don't dance with as much (XX and XX). And I have a new mantra while tangoing: 'we are the moonlight.' I really love your classes and teaching style."



From Ed. S, Sacramento (Jan 2015)

"This is simply THE BEST place to learn tango. The studio itself is beautiful and sexy, just like the tango! And the instruction is absolutely top-notch!"



From George C., Sacramento (Sep 2014)

"Tango by the River is the premier tango studio in Northern California.  The studio and its owner Donna are well known even in Buenos Aries, and for good reason.  The elegance and beauty of Argentinean Tango is reflected in the atmosphere and decor of this little gem hidden in Old Sacramento.  From my first lessons, I found the community to be friendly and the classes fun and filled with keys to unlocking the art that resides deep in the human heart.  Tango is a dance of connection.  You will make friends.  You will laugh.  You will move like you never thought you could.  You will find yourself.  You will love it."

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