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Tango by the River ~ Upcoming Events:


June 10, 2023  ~  National Rosé Day Milonga! - Click here for 2nd Saturday Milonga!


June 18, 2023  ~  Twilight Milonga hosted by Count Glover! - Click here to sign up now!

June 24, 2023  ~  4th Saturday Milonga! - Click here for 4th Saturday Milonga!

July 2, 2023  ~  Café Dominguez Milonga! - Click here to sign up now!

Donna Tielsch and Stephen Cahill
dancing tango to non-traditional music ~ "Running" by Abi Ocia
Tango by the River ~ July 31, 2018

Tango ... 


"When the rest of the world slips away and it's just you and your partner moving in synchronicity with each other and the music . . . that's tango. And that's why I started dancing this dance. Well, that and the great shoes!​"  -- Donna Tielsch, Tango by the River

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