Eduardo Saucedo in Sacramento!

Master Teacher & Dancer of Argentine Tango from Buenos Aires!

6 Weeks with Eduardo Saucedo!!! 

We are so fortunate to be able to study with Tango Maestro Eduardo Saucedo for an extended period of time. If you have been studying tango for any length of time, you know how important it is to study regularly with a grand master ... this is an incredible opportunity for us here in Sacramento! We can study with Eduardo for six weeks! 

He will be teaching Intermediate/Advanced workshops every Thursday from September 9 through October 14! Eduardo is a phenomenal teacher and dancer ... don't miss this opportunity to take your tango to the next level!

Thursdays, Intermediate/Advanced Tango!

6:30-8:00 pm (followed by a half hour practica)

For the Thursday night classes in September and October, Eduardo will be teaching "Mixing the Styles in Tango (Salon, Milonguero, Off Axis and more) -- Steps, Sequences and Musicality." Each workshop is followed by a practica to reinforce the concepts studied. 

Cost is $30 for one class, $60 for two, $90 for three, $120 for four, $150 for five, and $180 for all 6 Thursdays.

Eduardo is also available for private lessons as well. To schedule, please contact Kikki directly at

Tango by the River is located at 128 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

BIO OF EDUARDO SAUCEDO from Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Master Teacher and Dancer of Argentine Tango, Choreographer, Official Judge of International Competitions, DJ, MC and Producer of Tango Shows.

Eduardo travels the world as a cultural ambassador of Tango sharing his knowledge and experience of the dance bringing his message of: Love, Passion, Joy, Life with Respect and Freedom for Peace in the World. Considered to be a visionary artist, he regards Tango as an admirable art form that expresses body, mind, spirit and soul. 

His holistic and integrated teaching is creative and practical focusing on subtle details. He is an expert on details of movement and body language. His teaching blends reason, logic, emotions and personality to create a pure and authentic Tango Embrace. His professionalism, clear communication and positive energy is inspiring and motivating.

Eduardo has complemented his training with studies in various dance disciplines, theater and acting and is a continuing student of the Performing Arts. Eduardo has performed in theaters, appeared in documentaries, on social media, and has participated in many well-respected International Tango Festivals. 

In Buenos Aires Eduardo has performed with many renowned Orchestras in the most traditional and well known Milongas (Dance Clubs). He was honored to receive the prestigious "Pa´ que Bailen los Muchachos" Award.

Studio Eduardo Saucedo is located in Palermo, Buenos Aires, where many Tango and Art related activities and projects are being coordinated and produced.