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"Can I start in the middle of the month?"

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Our classes are progressive and build on the material learned the week before. So if this is your first time through the series, and you've missed more than one class, then you probably should wait and start at the next month. If you've only missed one class, then you can still join the class because we will go over last week's concepts again (but more quickly) and add new material to it. But if you’ve missed more than one class, then you should probably start at the next month. It can be hard on you if other people have had two weeks and you're just starting -- makes it too frustrating. We want you to succeed, and this really is the best way. If, however, you’ve taken Argentine Tango in the past or have a lot of experience dancing other dances, then sometimes joining in the middle of a series can still work. You can always ask Donna!

Another option is to take a private lesson to bring you up to speed, and then join the group lessons.

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