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Another student asks, "Will I dance?"

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

February 20, 2015

by Donna Tielsch

A prospective student just emailed me, "I want to learn the tango, but I'm wondering will I sit all night, or will I dance?" 

In our lessons, everyone dances because we are all on the floor working on a concept, moving from partner to partner at the end of every song. But a dance, a milonga, is different. And, yes, those can be more of a challenge for people who are new to the tango. At our milongas, experienced dancers tend to dance with other experienced dancers because that's who they know (and have been friends for years via tango). When you are new to tango, you may only dance with others who are also new to the tango, as those are the people you know--your friends from class. If you start coming to the social dances regularly, the "regulars" will notice. "Hey, I saw him/her here last time, and the time before that too. He/She must be serious about tango." And then they approach you ... but it does take a while. That is why starting at the beginning level and working through the series of classes is a really good idea. You not only learn how to dance the tango, but you also start making friends and those are the people you'll start dancing with at the social dances. Once others see you dancing, then they will ask you to dance too.

On a side note, I think that the Sacramento Tango community happens to be the kindest, funnest, coolest group of people I know. They love to tango, they love to laugh and play and socialize. They are also very approachable and easy to get to know. Just come up and say hello. At the milongas, come to the table in the back, pull up a chair, introduce yourself ... and the rest, as they say, is history ... tango history.

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