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Leaders, dance alone.

Leaders, don't forget to dance alone; and by that, I mean practice!

How will you ever find enough focus to lead someone confidently through new movements if you yourself aren't yet confident in those movements?

When you practice new tango skills on your own, you have the capacity to really focus on the little things that make the dance easier, look better, and feel great.

Here are some things I constantly check when I am practicing solo.

1. Posture

2. Balance

3. Core Engagement

4. Foot Position

5. Musicality

This post is less of a "how to" and more of a reminder "to do".

For specific practice ideas, ask us at TBTR during any open practice or after class, we'll gladly give you some sound advice. And if you're afraid that you might forget your questions by then, e-mail me at .


<3 Stephen

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